Writing a book is a remarkable achievement, and you should feel genuinely proud and elated at having reached the end of such an amazing journey. However, once you find yourself at this stage, it can feel as if the most challenging part of the process is only just beginning; it’s difficult to know how to proceed and the search for an editor can appear to be a daunting task to tackle. If this description portrays the situation in which you are finding yourself – whether you are a brand-new author or have already penned numerous books – I believe I can help you.

From the very beginning, communication is crucial during the editing process. After receiving a sample of your work (Introduction and the first chapter) and carefully assessing it, I offer an initial consultation – free of charge – during which I am happy to answer all your questions, offer my advice and find out more about the services you require. This will allow me to provide a quote and a rough idea of the timescale needed for the work to be carried out. I believe it’s important to be friendly and approachable; you will find that my comments are honest, clear and helpful, but I also ensure that I am extremely sensitive to your voice and opinions.  

Following my initial assessment, I will advise you on the level of editing which I believe is required; if you are uncertain about the way I would like to proceed, I am happy to discuss your concerns until we reach an agreement with which we are both satisfied and which will set out the brief for me to follow. Below is a brief outline of the two levels of editing I offer.