I enjoy working with in-house editors, who represent the majority of my clients, and always try to create a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect. Before taking the step of becoming a freelancer, I used to work in the editorial department of a busy publishing house and therefore I completely understand the pressures and last-minute delays that can make life difficult for in-house editors. Supporting the latter to juggle a busy workload is, I believe, an important part of my role; this is why I always make sure I am flexible, keep calm under pressure and punctual when it comes to deadlines.

Before I begin working on a new project, I always take the time to familiarise myself with your House Style and ensure that I have understood the brief correctly, so as to carry out the work exactly as you expected. I am happy to come to your office to discuss a project or even carry out the work in-house if necessary.

I can get involved in the editing process at whatever stage best suits you and, before starting any project, I like to get an idea of the level of editing required; for example, are you just looking for someone to check consistency and accuracy or do you need someone to look at style and rewriting? I am always available to discuss your requirements and I provide regular updates while working on a project – communication is at the heart of my service.

I also have experience of dealing directly with authors in a professional and sympathetic manner; I am sensitive to their individual voice and won’t carry out unnecessary corrections. Although dealing with authors and ensuring that they are kept up to date with all the developments regarding their work is a very rewarding and enjoyable aspect of the editor’s job, it is also very time-consuming. It is important in the relationship between editor and author that the latter is happy with all the changes made and enjoys the experience of having a book published. Occasionally, corrections need to be chased and the printing process must be delayed because of it.

I can take care of all those things for you and also input the amendments made by the author to the text after they have been approved by you. I am patient, empathic and diplomatic; I understand the stresses involved in the publishing process for both sides (the publisher and the author) and I am happy to be a bridge between the two.