The image of the freelance editor can be an old-fashioned one:  for some, the phrase conjures up mental pictures of isolated eccentrics, handwriting their invoices and avoiding all contact with technology. In other cases freelancers are envied by their friends, who think their job consists purely of pottering around all day in pyjamas from bed to sofa, occasionally glancing at a few pages of a book.

My aim is to shatter the illusions, dispel the mystique and bring the real story of the editing professional out in the open. Today, editing is as much about expertise in word-processing software as it is about grammar and spelling. Fortunately, I can offer the full range of skills and experience necessary to help make your publications shine. And, no, just in case you were wondering … I don’t spend all day in my pyjamas!

About me

I don’t particularly like using such a cliché to describe myself, but there is no getting away from this: books are and my passion and have been a constant companion ever since I was little. I have a genuine aptitude for language and I love the creativity that writing can offer but I happily combine it with the structured rigidity of grammar rules.

I worked in-house in an editorial department of an academic publisher before, almost a decade ago, I decided to take the plunge and become a freelancer. Since then, I have been editing and proofreading books for some of the major UK publishing houses, international publishers, as well as brilliant authors and small businesses.

I enjoy the variety of my workload – I could be editing a book on botany one day and proofreading another about angel stories the next – and I consider it a privilege to have the chance of meeting and helping new authors and in-house editors alike.  

On the rare occasions when I’m not sitting at my desk with my nose stuck in a book, you will find me cooking delicious Italian food in the kitchen or desperately trying to keep the vegetable plants in my garden alive.